Ambient Intelligence and Embedded Systems symposium 2023

Ambient Intelligence and Embedded Systems symposium 2023

This year International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence and Embedded Systems had the privilege to host our colleagues Kalle Tammemäe and Fuad Budagov as participants and speakers.

This symposium represents a convergence of brilliant minds from around the globe, aimed to unravel the latest trends and breakthroughs in Ambient Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Systems, Internet Programming, and Industrial IT, and we could accept nothing less for Kalle and Fuad presentations.

Kalle set the stage with insights on the the effectiveness of Tallinn University of Technology merging with Estonian IT College. As a director of IT College he provided a comprehensive overview including the strategic decisions and outcomes of the merger, shedding light on the journey of the IT didactics center of IT College TalTech and the application of telepresence robots in higher education.

Fuad presented a paper titled “Enhancing Inclusivity in Higher Education: The Case of TEMI Semi-Autonomous Robot for Special Needs Students in Technical Courses.” This paper explores the use of telepresence robots, specifically TEMI Semi-Autonomous Robot, to support the students with special needs. As Fuad himself described his work: “it wasn’t just about technology; it was about creating a more inclusive learning environment”.

The best evidence of Kalle and Fuad presentations success is the fact that the next symposium will be held in our university and we are definitely looking forward to it.

P. S. A small quizz for those, who read the text up to the end: find Kalle and Fuad on the cover image and contact us to get your prize. Hint: Kalle and Fuad photos are in “Team” section.

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