Telepresence robots for people with disabilities

Telepresence robots for people with disabilities

The Association of Women with Disabilities of Tallinn and Harju County held their yearly meeting at IT College and invited Janika to talk about telepresence robots. She connected remotely from Dusseldorf, Germany, appearing first in an Ohmni, then a Temi. Janika covered both the potential benefits of TPR for people with disabilities (if you cannot get somewhere physically, send a robot) as well as shortcomings (in fact, the problems faced by telepresence users in robots are surprisingly similar to the ones faced by people with disabilities!).

The talk was very well received by the audience and sparked a lively discussion.

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“Creativity Matters” is a reseach group in Tallinn University of Technology IT College. The areas of interest inculde hybrid learning, telepresence robots and teaching didactics