Ready, set, go!

We have been conducting continuous tests to evaluate and compare our robots’ abilities, such as vision, interface convenience, network capabilities, and other features. While these tests are undoubtedly useful, they’re not particularly engaging. Therefore, as part of our “Enhancing Social Interaction in Education and Business by using Telepresence Robots” course, we decided to organize a triathlon to make the testing process more exciting.

During the running portion of the triathlon, Ohmni proved to be a clear-cut winner, reaching the far end of the room much more quickly than Double. Additionally, Ohmni exhibited greater bravery by leaping from the stairs without hesitation, while Double was more cautious and stopped in front of the first step.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the results of the third and final part of the competition, which will be published soon on our blog. Don’t miss out on this exciting update!

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About Creativity Matters

“Creativity Matters” is a reseach group in Tallinn University of Technology IT College. The areas of interest inculde hybrid learning, telepresence robots and teaching didactics