Note: if available, the photos link to the person’s profile at the Estonian Research Information System.

Research staff

Janika Leoste
Janika Leoste, PhD

Research group lead, postdoctoral researcher on IT didactics. Research interests include IT didactics, sustainability of technological innovations, telepresence and educational robotics, STEAM research and education.

Kaido Kikkas
Kaido Kikkas, PhD

Research group co-lead, Associate Professor of Information Society and Cyberculture. Research interests include innovative solutions in IT didactics, human aspects of cybersecurity and privacy, accessibility and Free Culture (including Free and Open-source Software topics).

Kalle Tammemäe
Kalle Tammemäe, PhD

Associate Professor. Main research and teaching interests include HW/SW co-design, embedded system and SoC design, and self-awareness in cyber-physical systems (CPS)

Jaanus Pöial
Jaanus Pöial, PhD

Associate Professor.  Research interests include programming languages and methods of teaching computer programming.

Kristiina Hakk
Kristiina Hakk, PhD

Associate Professor. Research interests include blending IT and its didactics into teaching Mathematics at university level, boosting the interest and motivation of students towards Mathematics, and developing effective e-learning courses/materials.

Toomas Lepikult
Toomas Lepikult, PhD

Associate Professor. Research interests include applying of mathematical modelling and machine learning methods in IT-related disciplines.

Aleksei Talisainen
Aleksei Talisainen, MSc

Lecturer. Research interests include operating systems and the Python programming language.

External members:

Sirje Virkus
Sirje Virkus, PhD

Professor at the School of Digital Technologies at Tallinn University. Research interests include technology-enhanced learning and teaching, information culture and information practices; data, information, media and digital literacy.

Birgy Lorenz
Birgy Lorenz, PhD

Senior Scientist at the Centre for Cyber Security and Digital Forensics (CyberCentre) of Tallinn University of Technology. Research interests include cyber hygiene and security behaviour; digital safety skills of children, teachers and parents; cybersecurity for young talents (aka hackers); educational games.

Martin Rebane
Martin Rebane, MSc (PhD student)


Technical staff

Kristel Marmor
Kristel Marmor, MSc
Meelis Antoi
Meelis Antoi, MSc
Siim Kruusmaa
Siim Kruusmaa, MSc
Lauri Anton
Lauri Anton, BSc
Katrin Aasma
Katrin Aasma, BSc