• PYNT (Present Yet Not There) - creating an international community of both research institutions and end-users who are interested in developing and promoting different types of remote communication methods and in particular, robotics.

  • EuroTEQ international course “Enhancing Social Interaction in Education and Business by using Telepresence Robots” - the core idea of the course is to discover the capabilities of telepresence robotics (TPR) in enhancing social interaction and learn to deploy, configure and extend such robots. The course consists of six learning experience modules, 1 ECTS each: (1) video conferencing vs TPR; (2) social and ethical aspects of TPR; (3) TPR in collaborative learning; (4) teaching tele-presented students - opportunities and challenges; (5) the technical limitations of TPR; (6) how TPR technically work and how to modify them.
    The official course curriculum.

  • EuroTEQ - the goal of the project is to diversify and update the didactic repertoire of IT college teachers, making it more suitable for hybrid learning and various forms of online learning, including synchronous hybrid learning, telepresence robots. We translate and work through the material prepared by Climate-KIC Holding, which is aimed specifically at courses that use the blended learning format.
    We are piloting the autumn semester study by involving telepresence robots, including students who participate in the study via the robot.

  • ReSTELA - is aimed to create robotics labs, where students can participate remotely. Current plan includes a compact computer that can be accessed using some remote connection protocol (VNC, RDP etc.) connected to a programmable microcontrolled with sensors and actuators. In addition to remotely programming the controller student will have a feedback of his/her actions using a camera installed over the working area. ReSTELA is a joint project between TalTech IT College (that’s us), European Centre for Emerging Competencies and Technologies and Scuola di Robotica.
    The official web-page of the project