PYNT project kick-off meeting

PYNT project kick-off meeting

On the 16th of June we hosted a kick-off meeting for a project we named PYNT - Present Yet Not There. Yes, we know about consecution and the order of words in a sentence, but it’s more fun this way.

We see the main idea of PYNT in creating an international community of both research institutions and end-users who are interested in developing and promoting different types of remote communication methods and in particular, robotics.

We concentrate our research on applications of telepresence robots in higher education, teaching didactics, and assisting people with special needs. Our main partners and teaching institutions and research organizations, we are also looking forward to developing cooperation with telepresence robots manufacturers, as we do not see any model that would meet all the requirements educational robots impose. We promote our research though the Euroteq University course, workshops and consulting.

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About Creativity Matters

“Creativity Matters” is a reseach group in Tallinn University of Technology IT College. The areas of interest inculde hybrid learning, telepresence robots and teaching didactics