ReSTELA project meeting in Genova

ReSTELA project meeting in Genova

Can you imagine your office or a lab located in a 16-th century palace? The employees of Scuola di Robotica do not have to imagine that, because it is exactly the place their school is located, right in the medieval centre of Genova.

ReSTELA (Remote STEM Labs) projects aimed to provide technical means of teaching robotics in places with no robotic labs is reaching its end and we make final preparations and promotion materials on how our telepresence robots help achieve the project goals. So, it is our pleasure to announce that

in less than 6 months we and our partners will start providing a solution for teaching robotics remotely. The anouncements will be made on the project web-page and in our blog as well.

The activities will begin with train-the-trainer sessiong, where the educators from three participating countries will receive training regarding telepresence robots usage and virtual lab environment. The project team (partially on the photo) is looking forward to welcome the first participants.

ReSTELA workgroup
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